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Metro Expo


One of the most important, unique and influential aspects of music has been the art of creating ‘the concept’ album.  While hundreds of thousands of albums come out each and every year, it’s still rare to find an artist or band taking the extra time & care needed with songwriting to create a cohesively outstanding conceptual album.


Metro Expo, with the upcoming release of Metro Expo 1, has taken every measure and care along the recording process to refine and eventually produce a concept album with a genuinely authentic storyline and captivating music guaranteed to pull you in close to listen.  The project of Metro Expo all stems from the incredibly hard work-ethic, commitment and creativity of Belgium’s Fred Marcoty; not only has he written the lyrics & music of each song, he’s also the solo-performer on the upcoming Metro Expo 1.  Taking on vocals with clear conviction & true passion in his voice, all the amazing instrumentation you’ll hear and then switching to a studio-role as producer, mixer & engineer – Marcoty has absolutely put every piece of himself right into this astoundingly insightful concept album.


Metro Expo 1 is an extremely well thought-out, inspired perspective on the journey from teenage years into adulthood.  The extraordinary & exceptional twist on this concept offered on Metro Expo 1, is that the story comes from the eyes of a teenager who doesn’t quite see it as simply ‘growing up,’ he’s taken on the ongoing narrative with the concept that getting older is an illness…and that the future is not as bright as once it had seemed.


With songwriting that fully delivers the emotional punch necessary to deliver such an extraordinary story & feelings, Metro Expo matches the tone & lyrics of the songs with passionate music designed to pull at the heartstrings and give pause to the listeners.  Metro Expo 1 is completely stocked with a unique perspective that still manages to be incredibly relatable to anyone listening through its vibrant storytelling; but all made with such extraordinary care and cutting-emotion that the gripping storyline is completely memorable and delivered in a timeless style through the melodic music of Metro Expo.


Dealing with important social & personal issues like depression, schizophrenia, self-reflection, communication, isolation, denial, love and so much more – Metro Expo 1 is a complete triumph in its courageous nature and inspiring ability to tackle the real issues many of us face in our daily lives.  Often desolate, raw and emotionally challenging in content, this incredible tale is fully realized in vibrantly dark, melodic & dynamic songwriting.


The finishing touches, mixing & mastering are completed, and Metro Expo 1 is set to release in the early Spring of 2015.  With the impressive amount of dedication and care that Fred Marcoty has put into his overall craft of music, production and songwriting, it’s a sure bet that music-fans from all over the globe will quickly latch onto the story and sound he’s creating in Metro Expo.


The concepts behind Metro Expo 1 come to vibrant life through Marcoty’s incredible ability to connect to people and relate his stories through song.  Some stories NEED to be told – the extraordinary concept album Metro Expo 1 is certainly one of them.