Metro Expo

Metro Expo 2


Since March of 2020, I'm working on Metro Expo 2. Thanks to Covid panedmy, I could record all the music pretty quickly, and also advanced a lot on my premixes. I had to experience a computer breakdown for about 3 weeks, but now, everything is OK.


But, I also struggled hard for my lyrics. So I got help from a professionnal writer from the US since a few days. I'm also having some troubles (health)  with my voice, but eveything seems to go all right with the recovery, thanks for asking. 


Still depending the speed of lyrics writing,rehearsing,  singing, and mixing... but I can say that the album could be out in december 2020 (not before; and surely after, but I'll do my best to release it in 2020). IF there's no more testicule in the soup... Yeah, I know litteral translation...


This time there will be no CD, only online downloading. You'll have 3 choices : the standard streaming stuff (Deezer, Spotify...) where you will receive mp3. You'll also can use bandcamp (where you'll receive FLAC files)... Or, if you're a CD nostalgic, you'll order by mail directly to me (metroexpodecalogy(a)"; and you'll receive : Wav & mp3 files, but also the booklet to print, the front sleeve (for your iPad...) AND the complete Pdf with the story told on this album. So you only have to print and burn at home.

Sorry about that, but I still have 170 copies of Metro Expo 1 on CD at home... And this way, I can avoid paying mechanical reproduction rights (which are obligated for CD company), and No CD to pay for (plus not having excessive stock in my house). You just need a Paypal account.